Almost every gay(ish) woman has a Kim Kelly in her past. You met in adolescence; probably in middle or high school, possibly in college but certainly no later. Your lives were deeply and intimately intertwined — although you may or may not have had an overtly romantic relationship, everyone who knew the two of you knew that for good or for ill that you were one another’s top priorities. Your Kim almost certainly smoked cigarettes and you almost certainly did not. You knew everything about her and you hated her boyfriend and you arranged your class schedules together and you drew on one another’s wrists in ballpoint pen and sometimes you couldn’t stand the sight of her. Your Kim was mouthy and wore dirty jackets and you were the only person she’d be gentle for. Femslash Friday: Kim/Lindsay on Freaks and Geeks and “Lesbian Jawline” (via ratmessiah)

You could tattoo fuck u-up on your toes??

I feel like it might not have the same effect but also it’s kind of a great idea

Apr 153

the friendship rings came!

ratmessiah replied to your post: thekrakensdaughter asked:make an …

and you could start a collection of tasteful fingerless gloves to wear in situations where they’d need to be covered ugh it would be so good

huffs @ u

i’m tellin’ you guys don’t tempt me

Apr 151

i suppose now is the best time to remind you about my "kill your authors" tattoo idea and how u don't get to have it cuz its mine

make an homage to mickey with classic fuck u-up tats on your knuckles :)

DO NOT TEMPT ME. this is something that should not be encouraged because I would 500% do it


What are your thoughts on Lana Del Rey?

love her music, especially “Gods and Monsters”, “Never Let Me Go”, and “Off To The Races”. I love her style and her aesthetic, and I think she’s ridiculously attractive. 

I know nothing about her personally, I’ve heard people describe her as problematic but I haven’t done much reading in to why.

tattoo idea: "You don't believe in God / I don't believe in luck / They don't believe in us / But I believe we're the enemy" or " Gravity / Don't mean too much to me / I'm who I've got to be"

you know me so well matthew, i approve

your url would make a great tattoo tbh

what an excellent idea


something vaguely aggressive on your knuckles, a literary quote or reference (possibly incorporated into an image that could be considered 'punk'?), lots of black line work, mmm idk idk

Tbh you had me at knuckle tattoo, I approve

Apr 151

NO NO NO — I’d never heard Bruce Springsteen at all before I played a CD of his greatest hits last October while driving to Chicago, and now I am A HUGE FAN.

well anon here you go, Helen proving me wrong immediately


just curious, what do you think of Bruce Springsteen? c:

ah tbh I have no thoughts about Bruce Springsteen other than “Born to Run” is a good song and I appreciate his significance to American culture and music. 

I feel like no one just gets into Bruce Springsteen, if you love him it’s probably because you grew up with him or have some attachment to him. 

For me, that’s Johnny Cash.

Apr 154

If you had to suggest a tattoo for me based on what you know of me from my blog, what would it be?