Paris, May 1968

Paris, May 1968

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you have gorgeous eyes!
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aww thanks, anon!

that picture of me flipping the bird is from sophomore year of high school and it’s legitimately my favorite picture of myself ever taken

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  • 3gee: post-hipsters - totally influenced by the years of "ironic" appreciation. trying to navigate sincerity while being insecure about it, living on memes and a prayer


Thierry Ysebaert


Thierry Ysebaert

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"Giochi Di Luce" photographed by Christian Moser for Marie Claire Italia October 1991

"Giochi Di Luce" photographed by Christian Moser for Marie Claire Italia October 1991

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Abstract 6 by Jack Vanzet


Abstract 6 by Jack Vanzet

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Alan Cumming - May 2014 Paper Magazine

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i’m ngl this is the greatest thing i’ve ever heard ty you are a light in this world


now tell me you can’t see grantaire yelling

'to the french PAIN is just BREAD' in the middle of a meeting

tell me

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sois serieux


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fun story:

one time, when I was living in paris, we were in class. and ok, class started for us at 8am, a bunch of liberal arts students who were used to waking up and going to class at noon, and then it lasted until 1pm, when we were free to go and do whatever we wanted. 

so like a month into the summer, we were in class one day and it was like, 12:45. We had been in class for nearly 5 hours and we were running behind schedule and were probably gonna be all staying late. 

Now the most important factor of this story is I was verrrrrry hungover. My friend had her 21st birthday the night before and we took her out drinking in the latin quarter (even though she could drink in France anyway, but you know). My professor knew NONE of this. So in a classroom of about 13 students, 7 of us were ranging from vaguely hungover to still slightly shitfaced. And class just keeps going and going and going and all we want to do is take naps. 

So 12:45, nothing is getting wrapped up any time soon. every one is annoyed. We’re going over like, reflexive verbs, something COMPLETELY UNRELATED and in a moment of sheer genius, I lifted my head up off my arms, from where i was half asleep, and I said really loudly, interrupting my professor mid-sentence

"to the french PAIN is just BREAD"

and this guy in the back, who was definitely close to the still-slightly-shitfaced end of the spectrum, slammed his hands down on the desk, said “OH COME ON.”, packed up his stuff, and walked out of the classroom.

and that’s why for the rest of the summer I was asked “is this a pun?” every time I opened my mouth to speak in class discussion