"Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" - Los Angeles Premiere

"Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" - Los Angeles Premiere

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from Passing English of the Victorian Era
I’m gonna bring this back if it’s the last thing I do


from Passing English of the Victorian Era

I’m gonna bring this back if it’s the last thing I do

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The best thing is as this was happening, I instantly thought about that part in Rent when Mark, Joanne, and Maureen go uptown to to meet with Buzzline, and Mark looks horrified and Joanne is like “it’s corporate America - welcome!”


Today I had a business man on 5th ave blow cigarette smoke into my face and then 10 minutes later I nearly mowed over some tourists who stopped IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SIDEWALK to take pictures of the Empire State Building

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The Thinker by Auguste Rodin x Drake thinking about Nicki’s ass in Anaconda.

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(1/2)dont be sorry the whole references-to-them-using-their-music-to-connect-to-people is like THE MOST IMPORTANT EVER (at least for me) i cannot begin to explain how many times i've listened sophomore slump purely bc "we're the therapists pumping through you're speakers/delivering just what you need" it makes me want to screamcrylaugh every. single. time. and yeah from that to "i only plugged in to save rock and roll" and the entire concept(??) behind that song


god i was having like THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS about exactly this thing the other day and i’m sorry if i’m being really fucking annoying (feel free to ignore/tell me to fuck off) but your blog is the reason i properly started listening to fob so i’m allowed to come yell about it in your askbox. sorry i don’t make the rules also yes!! 27!!!! fucking 27!!! such a great song

AHH I hope you don’t mind me publishing this ask but I really wanted to talk about this anyway sO (also NO you’re not annoying, people telling me that they started getting into fall out boy bc of me is literally what I live for)

I used to really really obsess over the connection between “Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year?” and “27”  (I’ve talked about it before) and then I had a lot of feelings about the possibility of “Sophomore Slump”, “27”, and “Where Did The Party Go?” serving as a trilogy, and then this finally fully evolved into an actual narrative that weaves itself from their first release (Fall Out Boy’s Evening Out With Your Girlfriend, 2002) to their most recent full-length release (Save Rock and Roll, 2013), so basically - over a decade of the same recurring theme which is

Fall Out Boy understand what it’s like to viscerally rely on music as a means of survival, and they want to serve that purpose for you while also living and breathing music themselves (I’m only taking one song from each album, but please note that practically ALL of From Under the Cork Tree works for this)

  • We’ll all take turns not for the worst
    We’re all “hasbeens” and “never-were’s”
    And we’re all in the back singing “Roxanne” 
    Just watching life pass us by
    Pass us by  (“The World’s Not Waiting (For Five Tired Boys and a Broken Down Van”, Fall Out Boy’s Evening Out With Your Girlfriend: 2002)
  • Landing on a runway in Chicago and I’m grounding all my dreams 
    of ever really seeing California…Tonight the headphones will deliver you the words that I can’t say (“Homesick at Spacecamp”, Take This To Your Grave: 2003)
  • We’re the therapists pumping through your speakers
    Delivering just what you need
    We’re well read and poised 
    We’re the best boys … ashamed of the way the songs own the beating of our hearts (“Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year?”, From Under the Cork Tree: 2005)
  • We only want to sing you to sleep
    In your bedroom speakers, whoa
    We need umbrellas on the inside
    Get us right (“Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am?”, Infinity on High: 2007)*
  • The P.A. system keeps my heart heart beating tonight (“West Coast Smoker”, Folie à Deux: 2008)
  • I will defend the faith
    Going down swinging
    I will save the songs
    That we can’t stop singing

    Only plugged in to save rock and roll (“Save Rock and Roll”, Save Rock and Roll: 2013)

see also the lines: “We’re broken down on memory lane / alone together, we’re alone” vs. “Let’s be alone together / we can stay young forever” and Pete Wentz’s continuing peter pan complex

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Oli, Fiona, Lidi and Zoe. 36 x 48 Inches. Acrylic on canvas. 2014


Oli, Fiona, Lidi and Zoe. 36 x 48 Inches. Acrylic on canvas. 2014

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Natasha Lyonne for Opening Ceremony, August 2014

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natural i am your official queer as folk brooklyn hipster dads future fic consultant

i mean, obviously

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one day i will finish all of these fics and you guys are gonna laugh at how much of a parody i am because my AO3 will literally be like

les mis brooklyn roommates au

les mis nyc ballet au

harry potter post-war brooklyn-college-is-secretly-a-wizard-college hipster au

queer as folk brooklyn hipster dads future fic

peter pan leaves neverland to grow up in new york au

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